Cerberus Has Three Heads
Plotline: Cerberus Has Three Heads
IC Details
Quick Overview:

A video surfaces of the death of an Afghani cop, and Frank Castle finds out that his vengeance is far from over. With the help of his allies, will he reconcile his own sins?

IC Start Date: July 23, 2019
Areas of Focus: NYC
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Batgirl, The Punisher
Plot Tag: cerberus

Detailed Overview

Zane Oldman — VigiWatch correspondent covering Hell's Kitchen — is murdered after receiving a video connected to Frank Castle. But Zane's failsafe places his friend Barbara Gordon as custodian of the video, and now secrets start to come into the light as Frank chases his past to find who killed Zane Oldman, and how this is connected to the sins of his past.

How to Get Involved

  • Those connected to Frank Castle
  • Those connected to the drug market of NYC and Gotham

Logs, Cutscenes and More

July 25, 2019. Just Another Night in Hell's Kitchen

More military goons track Barbara Gordon and quite a number of heroes step in.

Posted On: 26 Jul 2019 07:08 (Related Tags: batgirl colin-knight hellcat punisher speed)

July 25, 2019. The Hit on Zane Oldman

Batgirl tracks down Domino for some mercenary style help then some Russian mobsters get beat up because Gotham.

Posted On: 25 Jul 2019 22:55 (Related Tags: batgirl domino)

July 23, 2019. Good People Doing Bad Things

After getting the dead drop, Babs comes to Frank so he can tell her about the men in the video and how it all connects to him.

Posted On: 23 Jul 2019 07:06 (Related Tags: batgirl punisher)

January 06, 2019. Midnight in the Alley of Good and Evil

The Punisher falls for a trap and Daredevil… helps him?

Posted On: 10 Jan 2019 03:57 (Related Tags: daredevil punisher)

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