Plotline: Descension
IC Details
Quick Overview:

Warren Worthington has purposefully made himself a public figure in the registration debate. There are those who view this as the perfect opportunity to cut him down.

IC Start Date: January 01, 2019
Areas of Focus: New York City
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Angel and Dazzler
Plot Tag: descension

Detailed Overview

How you have fallen from heaven,
morning star, son of the dawn!
You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations!
You said in your heart,
"I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High."
But you are brought down to the realm of the dead,
to the depths of the pit.

How to Get Involved

This plot will be kind of fluid as registration unfolds, as there are certain people undermining Warren who will be using on-game events as they develop.

Get in touch with Warren if interested!

Logs, Cutscenes and More

May 19, 2019. Draconian Counsel

Warren Worthington talks to his lawyer.

Posted On: 20 May 2019 03:48 (Related Tags: angel vange)

March 07, 2019. Acquisitions

Domino and Dani chat with Warren about what they found.

Posted On: 09 Mar 2019 23:14 (Related Tags: angel domino moonstar)

March 01, 2019. Surveillance State

Domino and Moonstar try to trace down more leads on who attacked Warren.

Posted On: 02 Mar 2019 05:26 (Related Tags: angel domino moonstar)

February 28, 2019. Opening Moves

Suspicions on what sent Warren out to Ossining bring Alison to the door of Cameron Hodge.

Posted On: 28 Feb 2019 06:51 (Related Tags: angel cameron-hodge dazzler)

February 27, 2019. Building Trust

Domino and Dani discuss what Dani was able to find out about the phone #'s given. Trust slowly builds.

Posted On: 28 Feb 2019 03:19 (Related Tags: domino moonstar)

February 25, 2019. New Rules

The Phoenixes have a meet and greet with a mercenary. This probably won't end well.

Posted On: 02 Mar 2019 21:45 (Related Tags: domino phoenix-jean-grey rachel-grey-summers)

February 21, 2019. Establishing Trust

Domino reaches out to Moonstar about some potential information concerning the attack on Warren.

Posted On: 22 Feb 2019 02:40 (Related Tags: domino moonstar)

February 21, 2019. Resonance

Warren and Rachel discuss investigating SHIELD, based on Dani's information. He also attempts, gently, to coax her out of her shell. A glimpse of COSMIC DESPAIR is had.

Posted On: 21 Feb 2019 06:25 (Related Tags: angel rachel-grey-summers)

February 18, 2019. Protocol

Colossus and Domino meet up again to discuss her potential alliance with the X-Men. Vodka is involved.

Posted On: 19 Feb 2019 04:11 (Related Tags: colossus domino)

February 17, 2019. A Squirrel and Two Blonds

Warren Worthington seeks out Meggan, and they share a moment about the aftermath of the Purifier abduction. A squirrel is up to no good.

Posted On: 18 Feb 2019 06:28 (Related Tags: angel meggan)

February 14, 2019. Wildcard

Domino, investigating the incident in Ossining days afterward, finds a few lucky pieces of information — and has an encounter with the man at the center of the mess.

Posted On: 15 Feb 2019 04:45 (Related Tags: angel domino)

February 10, 2019. No More

Alison has a serious talk with Warren about the Purifiers incident, after he wakes up enough to be yelled at.

Posted On: 17 Feb 2019 07:02 (Related Tags: angel dazzler)

February 09, 2019. Purification

To save one of their own, a team of X-Men face an old enemy who is up to some new tricks. Assorted Purifiers emitted by Angel and Dazzler.

Posted On: 10 Feb 2019 07:25 (Related Tags: angel colossus dazzler meggan moonstar phoenix-jean-grey rachel-grey-summers rogue shadowcat x-23)

January 15, 2019. Connections

Matt Murdock asks the founders of the new Aegis Foundation to back a lawsuit challenging New York's mutant registration law.

Posted On: 23 Jan 2019 03:10 (Related Tags: angel daredevil dazzler)

January 13, 2019. Your Eyes Shall Be Opened

On their way to an appointment to promote their new foundation, Warren and Alison find that a certain mutant-hating snake did not die when its head was cut off.

Posted On: 13 Jan 2019 08:52 (Related Tags: angel dazzler)

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