Plotline: Descension
IC Details
Quick Overview:

Warren Worthington has purposefully made himself a public figure in the registration debate. There are those who view this as the perfect opportunity to cut him down.

IC Start Date: January 01, 2019
Areas of Focus: New York City
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Archangel and Dazzler
Plot Tag: descension

Detailed Overview

How you have fallen from heaven,
morning star, son of the dawn!
You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations!
You said in your heart,
"I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High."
But you are brought down to the realm of the dead,
to the depths of the pit.

How to Get Involved

This plot will be kind of fluid as registration unfolds, as there are certain people undermining Warren who will be using on-game events as they develop.

Get in touch with Warren if interested!

Logs, Cutscenes and More

January 12, 2020. Narrative Control

After hiding for a while, Warren gets the chance to check on a very troubled Carolus and Gwen.

Posted On: 13 Jan 2020 17:15 (Related Tags: archangel atlas spider-gwen)

January 05, 2020. Limits and Boundaries

Warren and Dani discuss their respective changes, and their plans going forward.

Posted On: 06 Jan 2020 08:00 (Related Tags: archangel moonstar)

December 22, 2019. Holiday Disappointments

In which Gwen and Carolus chat about breaches of trust, and the consequences of Warren's return to this reality.

Posted On: 26 Dec 2019 04:03 (Related Tags: atlas spider-gwen)

December 19, 2019. Supply and Demands

When Warren Worthington and Alison Blaire return from the dead… Warren realizes that someone's been touching his things.

Posted On: 04 Jan 2020 03:10 (Related Tags: archangel dazzler white-queen)

December 16, 2019. Natural Selection

After prising information about The Right out of Andrew Young, a vengeful Archangel follows the trail to Cameron Hodge, unaware he is in turn followed.

Posted On: 18 Dec 2019 04:28 (Related Tags: archangel atlas cameron-hodge dazzler iron-man moonstar)

December 14, 2019. Theophany

The team makes their escape from the alternate universe and brings Warren and Ali home. Conclusion of the Descension plot.

Posted On: 15 Dec 2019 23:49 (Related Tags: archangel atlas dazzler impulse iron-man moonstar phoenix-jean-grey shadowcat)

December 08, 2019. Preflight Checklist

The X-Team (and sundry) goes over their final plans for taking on the alt-Apocalypse and getting home to their own universe — with some unexpected reinforcements.

Posted On: 10 Dec 2019 03:16 (Related Tags: archangel atlas atli dazzler iron-man moonstar phoenix-jean-grey shadowcat)

November 27, 2019. The Well Thought Out And Not At All Impulsive Course Of Action To Save The Laserwings

Atli is going to Fix Everything again. And she's enlisting in the help of Impulse to do it.

….this is fine.

Posted On: 28 Nov 2019 05:48 (Related Tags: atli impulse)

November 26, 2019. A Raptor's Revenge

With Warren saved Dani seeks him out to see how he is.

Posted On: 27 Nov 2019 13:59 (Related Tags: archangel moonstar)

November 24, 2019. Megalopsychia

With Alison saved from her transformation into Famine, the team turns to finally recover Warren from his corruption into Death.

Posted On: 25 Nov 2019 15:59 (Related Tags: archangel atlas dazzler iron-man moonstar phoenix-jean-grey shadowcat spider-gwen)

November 22, 2019. Good Plan III: To Save an Angel

Moonstar, Gwen, Carolus and Scott chat about how to save Warren.

Posted On: 24 Nov 2019 17:26 (Related Tags: archangel atlas moonstar spider-gwen)

November 22, 2019. Tony Stark Does Not Do Feels

Pepper meets with Bart and Tony. A damaged drone gets repairs, Bart gets good news about lost friends, and Tony gets hugged. Awkward.

Posted On: 23 Nov 2019 07:33 (Related Tags: impulse iron-man pepper-potts)

November 21, 2019. Good Plan II: Now With Extra Fire

The team gathers on the Blackbird to hash out their approach on recovering Death-Warren.

Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 16:26 (Related Tags: archangel atlas dazzler iron-man phoenix-jean-grey shadowcat spider-gwen)

November 18, 2019. The Beginnings of a Hoard

Kitty seeks out Tony to find out how he got to this realm and also his take away from the alien ship

Posted On: 23 Nov 2019 05:37 (Related Tags: iron-man shadowcat)

November 18, 2019. A Chance

Jean seeks the alternate Scott for answers to some of her questions, and finds that the alternate world's past looks much like her present.

Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 16:36 (Related Tags: archangel phoenix-jean-grey)

November 17, 2019. Unchained Light

Moonstar and Shadowcat commence a stealth op to retrieve Alison from where she's being held in the Celestial ship. Then a number of things go wrong/right, including Tony Stark.

Posted On: 19 Nov 2019 03:49 (Related Tags: archangel dazzler iron-man moonstar shadowcat)

November 12, 2019. Good Plan

Or at least, everyone would like to THINK it is a good plan.

Posted On: 14 Nov 2019 01:36 (Related Tags: altair atlas lyra moonstar shadowcat spider-gwen)

November 10, 2019. He's Not Normally Like This

The X-Team and Spoder go off to search for Warren and Alison with the aid of Strange's terrifying portal.

Posted On: 11 Nov 2019 15:17 (Related Tags: altair archangel atlas doctor-strange lyra moonstar phoenix-jean-grey shadowcat spider-gwen)

November 09, 2019. A Compass In the Dark

Dani, Carolus and Gwen knock on Dr. Strange's front door for help in finding Warren and Ali.

Posted On: 10 Nov 2019 16:40 (Related Tags: atlas doctor-strange moonstar spider-gwen)

November 07, 2019. Damage Control

Nelson & Murdock gets an unexpected new investor.

Posted On: 10 Dec 2019 01:42 (Related Tags: daredevil white-queen)

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