Plotline: Goo!
IC Details
Quick Overview:

The threats that humanity faces aren't only from Earth.

IC Start Date: September 27, 2019
Areas of Focus: Metropolis
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Emma Frost
Plot Tag: goo

Detailed Overview

Beginning with a meteor shower to kick off autumn, a new life form comes to Earth and finds a new favorite snack.

How to Get Involved

This plot will have a bunch of public events, most of which will be easy to join with little to no background.

If you have questions, or are a science type, please feel free to reach out to Emma Frost by page or @mail!

Logs, Cutscenes and More

February 28, 2020. No News Is Goo News

Barbara Gordon gets in touch with Ronnie to update him on life and things goo-related.

Posted On: 29 Feb 2020 06:08 (Related Tags: firestorm oracle)

November 27, 2019. Goo Goes to the Beach!

Firestorm tracks down more of the orange slime that he encountered in Metropolis.

Posted On: 30 Nov 2019 07:46 (Related Tags: firestorm lexcorp)

October 25, 2019. Slippy Sloppy

Heroes band together in Metropolis to face an evil threat! NICKELODEON SLIME. …Or something like it, anyway. Except that it eats people when given a chance. SO, uh, nothing like Nickelodeon slime, really.

Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 20:34 (Related Tags: firestorm flash-barry-allen power-woman quake)

October 18, 2019. Residue as Residoes

Lex Luthor checks in on his investment.

Posted On: 26 Oct 2019 14:22 (Related Tags: lex-luthor)

September 27, 2019. Welcome to Metropolis, Miss Frost

To publicly celebrate the finalization of the acquisition of Takahashi Enterprises by Frost International and toast the new beginning with the local community, Frost International hosts a meteor-watching party at the recently re-signed Takahashi Tower in Metropolis.

It was sure to be one of the best parties of the season because it was hosted by Frost International, naturally - the best name in

And then the meteors had something to say. Fortunately, Metropolis has its own team of defenders.

Posted On: 28 Sep 2019 15:16 (Related Tags: batwoman karolina-dean lex-luthor luminosity oracle power-girl starfire white-queen)

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