That's What Heroes Do
Plotline: That's What Heroes Do
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Quick Overview:

The whole of the ten realms is in chaos, and while some in Asgard and beyond think it's the usual nonsense, a group of Midgardian heroes decide they shall Fix Everything

IC Start Date: February 16, 2019
Areas of Focus: SPACE
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Atli
Plot Tag: twhd

Detailed Overview

The Shark People of Clan Jau-Sum are imperiled, and for their heroic actions during the Demon Siege of New York, Atli Wodendottir has called the heroes of Midgard to their aid. But as it turns out, it may just be all people everywhere who are imperiled, depending on how good the Guardians of the Galaxy are at their job.

So I'm sure everything will be just fine.

Juuuuuusssssst fine.

How to Get Involved

The easiest way is to be friends with literally anyone involved, because as this progresses, more missions will crop up, some of which need to be completed simultaneously. In addition, there will be a few random public events on Earth, related to the plot, which can hook you into the greater storyline.

Logs, Cutscenes and More

May 08, 2019. The Ominous Threat of the Firebird Box

Atli, Warren, Ali, and Loki discuss what's in the box.

Posted On: 14 May 2019 16:08 (Related Tags: angel atli dazzler loki)

April 18, 2019. Mars is Jawsome!

The Guardians and Friends go to Mars. To save Shark People. From a Disney Princess.

Posted On: 18 Apr 2019 04:25 (Related Tags: angel atli groot loki phil-coulson rocket shadowcat star-lord)

March 31, 2019. The Best Advice In All The Realms

Atli asks her favorite Aunt for advice.

Posted On: 01 Apr 2019 05:33 (Related Tags: atli loki)

March 14, 2019. The Viridian Violence

Atli and Gamora acquire provisions for an important mission, and are interrupted by vengeful trolls.

Posted On: 10 Mar 2019 23:12 (Related Tags: atli gamora)

March 04, 2019. Birds the Word

Invaders from another world attack The Met, and three heroes make a difficult choice in an attempt to preserve life.

Posted On: 04 Mar 2019 05:39 (Related Tags: atli merrow namora nico-minoru)

February 17, 2019. A Martian Proposition

Atli Wodendottir ruins Warren and Alison's date night. But don't worry, she has a plan that should Fix Everything

Posted On: 22 Feb 2019 02:04 (Related Tags: angel atli dazzler)

February 14, 2019. Valentine's Day, Guardians Style

Peter Quill and Kitty enjoy a quiet evening ou- eh, who're we kidding. Kitty's guest leaves unannounced so the rest of the Guardians do the responsible thing and interrupt date night.

Posted On: 21 Feb 2019 06:49 (Related Tags: atli gamora groot rocket shadowcat star-lord)

December 22, 2018. The Quest

Emma Frost is set upon by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who need her help for an important quest.

Posted On: 23 Dec 2018 22:40 (Related Tags: atli groot phil-coulson rocket white-queen)

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