The Nature of Walls
Plotline: The Nature of Walls
IC Details
Quick Overview:

The Suicide Squad is in for trouble.

IC Start Date: May 26, 2019
Areas of Focus: Gotham, New York, Various
OOC Notes & Details
Plotline Status: Completed
Plot Runner(s): Harley Quinn
Plot Tag: walls

Detailed Overview

There are a good many people in the world who do not appreciate Amanda Waller's work with the Suicide Squad.

How to Get Involved

  • Is your character an unfortunate member of the Suicide Squad?
  • Is your character connected to, aware of, or otherwise impacted by its members or work?
  • Is your character acquainted with Amanda Waller?

Logs, Cutscenes and More

December 08, 2019. The Only Emperor

Harley Quinn and the Joker, after many months apart, are reunited.

Posted On: 02 Jan 2020 03:16 (Related Tags: harley-quinn joker)

December 07, 2019. Surprise!

One burning hospital, a mystery illness, several overturned emergency vehicles and a whole tractor trailer of missing patients and guns equals a good time down south.

The Joker gets back at a few people who have deeply crossed him, and he does so with characteristic bombast.

Posted On: 10 Dec 2019 02:43 (Related Tags: amanda-waller amy-only batgirl harley-quinn joker oracle power-woman)

November 20, 2019. Arkham Remembrances

Harleen Quinzel and Jonathan Crane are never far from the things that shaped them.

Posted On: 22 Nov 2019 16:56 (Related Tags: harley-quinn scarecrow)

September 27, 2019. Stir(red) Crazy

Deadpool comes to visit Harley Quinn at Belle Reve, and he makes her a promise.

Posted On: 28 Sep 2019 21:43 (Related Tags: deadpool harley-quinn)

September 06, 2019. Welcome to the Clown Show

I know what you're thinking. How could a show called CLOWN BURLESQUE at the Punchline possibly go wrong? It manages.

Posted On: 07 Sep 2019 13:33 (Related Tags: express harley-quinn nico-minoru starfish)

August 16, 2019. The Collection Agency

Boomerang and Winter Soldier go to collect a wayward clown.

Posted On: 01 Sep 2019 17:42 (Related Tags: boomerang harley-quinn winter-soldier)

July 17, 2019. Overnight

Waller has Owen Mercer brought in to ask a few questions… and she doesn't let him go right away.

Posted On: 18 Jul 2019 04:06 (Related Tags: amanda-waller boomerang)

July 11, 2019. Up in (Technicolor) Smoke

Lena Zelle gets a visitor.

Posted On: 26 Jul 2019 01:44 (Related Tags: harley-quinn joker)

July 01, 2019. An Eye for Talent

Sneaking out of the Monday Night Fight, Lena Zelle has a business opportunity for Domino.

Posted On: 03 Jul 2019 05:11 (Related Tags: domino harley-quinn)

July 01, 2019. Monday Night Fight is Back!

The Showman is here to make sure that everyone who attends his secret fight club has a wonderful time! …well, maybe not everyone.

Posted On: 03 Jul 2019 05:05 (Related Tags: black-canary domino frenzy harley-quinn joker juggernaut oracle rocket)

June 16, 2019. All the Best Places You Never Wanted to Go

The Suicide Squad gets a Thai vacation!!! (They're totally killing people in Thailand.)

Posted On: 27 Jun 2019 02:42 (Related Tags: amanda-waller boomerang deadpool harley-quinn)

June 15, 2019. The Promotion

Amanda Waller gives Bucky Barnes the rank increase he's pretty sure he never wanted.

Posted On: 17 Jul 2019 09:16 (Related Tags: amanda-waller winter-soldier)

May 27, 2019. Bud & Lou's Night Out

Bud and Lou take their evening constitutional with substitute hyena walkers. It goes badly.

Posted On: 28 May 2019 07:10 (Related Tags: nico-minoru supergirl)

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