Wherever It May Lead
Plotline: Wherever It May Lead
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Three years after the accident that robbed her of three limbs and fused a sentient A.I. to her brain, hacker Kinsey Sheridan must confront old ghosts, new demons, and the legacy of her research at the Department of Extranormal Operations.

IC Start Date: December 20, 2018
Areas of Focus: NYC
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Plotline Status: Ongoing
Plot Runner(s): Daredevil
Plot Tag: wherever-it-may-lead

Detailed Overview

In 2015, Dr. Kinsey Sheridan was critically injured at Department of Extranormal Affairs headquarters in Arkandale, Va. while testing groundbreaking new technology that would allow agency personnel to operate with onboard A.I. assistants. The tech, which allow thoughts and consciousness to be transmitted as data across a nano-surgically implanted neural net, was promising but ultimately proved unstable. The accident robbed Kinsey of three of her limbs, and made the A.I. she'd developed — 'Five' — a permanent presence in Kinsey's skull.

Kinsey retired from DEO without letting anyone know about the new houseguest in her brain, or her uncanny new technopathic abilities. She took a generous severance and soon began working as the thief and vigilante 'Six' to discover the truth of her strange new existence.

But now, thanks to Wilson Fisk and one of her old mentors, Kinsey is back on the DEO radar. The fallout from Fisk's arrest by SHIELD — and the discovery that the so-called Kingpin had lifted whole troves of DEO data Six previously attempted to steal — is prompting a thorough house-cleaning and security audit within the agency.

That in turn led to the discovery that it wasn't just Fisk who'd been lifting DEO files without permission. In early 2018, one of Kinsey's former colleagues and quasi-mentors, Dr. Adam Wolmer, downloaded about 20 projects from DEO vaults in DC without authorization. Three days later Wolmer died at DEO facilities.

DEO Agent Jamie Sullivan is tasked with finding out what happened to Wolmer, and whether anyone else has gained access to the data on the DEO R&D projects he downloaded. Fearing moles within the agency, he's approached his old colleague — a very wary Kinsey Sullivan — to help crack open the case.

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Logs, Cutscenes and More

July 04, 2019. Final Interview

As part of an undercover operation for the DEO, Kinsey Sheridan applies for a job with Cybertek. CEO Corey Abrams flies Kinsey to the west coast for a first meeting and final interview

Posted On: 25 Aug 2019 21:14 (Related Tags: jamie-sullivan six)

January 10, 2019. Kinsey Sheridan's Very Long Day

Immediately follows 2-17-16. Kinsey comes clean with DEO Agent Sullivan, for better or worse.

Posted On: 29 Mar 2019 01:28 (Related Tags: daredevil jamie-sullivan six)

January 10, 2019. 2-17-16

Immediately follows Decrypting. Kinsey takes a tour through the accident that maimed her three years ago, courtesy of Adam Wolmer's virtual reality file.

Posted On: 29 Mar 2019 01:08 (Related Tags: daredevil jamie-sullivan six)

January 09, 2019. Decrypting

When DEO agent Jamie Sullivan asks Kinsey to help him go through case evidence of Adam Wolmer's death, she walks a fine line between furthering justice and obstructing it. As she does.

Posted On: 23 Mar 2019 04:02 (Related Tags: daredevil jamie-sullivan six)

December 22, 2018. Ghosts of Christmas Past

Matt is walking Kinsey back to Stark Tower from a lunch date when one of her old colleagues from the DEO drops in and drops bombs.

Posted On: 18 Mar 2019 03:18 (Related Tags: daredevil jamie-sullivan six)

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