Staff-Run TinyPlots

Staff will often create and run plots, particularly with regards to the game's overarching metaplot. If you have an idea for a TP that you don't want to run yourself, propose it in a +request and see if anyone is free to lend a hand.

Player-Run TinyPlots (PRTPs)

When developing a TinyPlot, you should ask a few questions. First, determine whether or not your TP is a personal plot. Personal plots are small in scope, only really affecting the players who participate in them. Personal plots do not require any staff approval or review.

For all other plots, a +request will be needed. Ask yourself: Where will your story go? How involved will it be? Will it involve just a few people or an entire planet?

The player's job in regards to PRTPs is to create & run them and participate in them. Staff will frequently work with players to develop a player-run TP or add flavor to them by running NPCs, crafting world reactions to add atmosphere, post news stories, etc.).

When developing a TP, please consider the following :

Characters Involved: How many players do you want to be involved? How many is too many? If there isn't enough interest (to your satisfaction) will you still do it? Be aware that characters may have "significant others" or just friends that will want to join them in the TP. Ask other players for their opinions about your concept as an initial query to determine the level of interest in the TP.

The Purpose/Goal: Why are you doing this TP? Is it a pirate in search of a lost fortune? A young tapcaf serving gal who unwittingly stumbles upon a scheme by a petty crook to steal a secret shipment to the governor for an unknown party? Is it a goodly priest stalked by a psycho playing a deadly game of cat and mouse? Who knows? You do! The purpose of your TP is one of the first things to decide. This is the "why" of the "what" that you are doing. Know this first, and don't deviate from it. Never change a TP in mid-stride.

Plots that impact more than a handful of players, involve the death of an FC, or introduce world-changing elements will need Staff approval before they begin. (Please see our TP Application below.)

Responsibilities for a Player-Run TinyPlot (PRTP)

  1. Notify staff of your forthcoming PRTP by submitting the plot application found below via +request.
  2. No deaths involving FCs should take place without Staff permission.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the player(s) submitting the PRTP will run scenes and adjudicate any and all conflict resolutions. This includes determining the effects of combat and resolving the success, failure, or application of skills. Related news posts should also be handed by the player plot-runner.
  4. All parties involved should determine OOCly the general guidelines of the scene(s) to come and agree to them. For instance, if a player wants to run a heist, it should be clear that it is a combat scene. If a player wants to run a scene where NPCs are likely to that, a player plot-runner might state that, too.
  5. At the completion of a PRTP, the player submitting the PRTP will be responsible for updating staff as to the relevant details by updating the original +request. (The associated job is also an excellent place to store updates for longer plots and ask questions during the course of the plot.)

TinyPlot Application

So you think you're ready to cause some destruction, mayhem, and/or confusion? Well, you've come to the right news file! Like a character app, or idea for a plot needs to go through a few trials in order to make sure all the details are there, the characters are in place, and of course, we all know what were doing.

1) Title of Plot
A name makes it easier to reference in posts.

2) Characters Involved
Who will be involved in this TP? What roles will they play? Consent must be obtained beforehand from any characters you wish to involve. We also need to know who will be in charge.

3) Requirements
Anything that will be needed for the running and facilitating of the TP. This includes NPCs (to be emitted by Staff or with Staff approval), any rooms/locations that will be needed, and scenes that will be run by Staff.

4) Approximate Length
The number of days/weeks/months you expect the plot to run.

5) Background Information
What events have led up to the TP?

6) Plot Itself
Outline what you intend to happen. This includes different possible scenarios, what if they go left rather than right? While there's flexibility for the RP to change things, we need to know generally what the goals and intended effects of this TP are—who it effects and how. This is your story. Tell it well! This is your chance to sell it to the producers!

7) Reach
Does it affect the whole grid? Only parts of it? Only certain characters?

8) Long Lasting Effects
Any skill changes/major effects to characters have to be applied for, or at least glanced over by staff. When in doubt, list it here. What do you think is going to change?

9) Purpose
What do you hope to accomplish? (other than for fun RP) We want to know something about why you want this to go ahead.

Well now you're ready to go cause some havoc. Just finish up, spell check, and submit use our plot system on the game to request!

That command, in case you need it, is:

+plot/request <Plot Name>=<Plot Pitch>
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