Restricted and Banned Character Concepts

Below is a list of restricted and banned character concepts. If a character you are considering falls into the 'restricted' category, or if you are unsure if the character you're interested in is banned, please speak to staff before starting your character application. Villain characters, in particular, may receive more latitude when it comes to the below restrictions.

In addition to this, some characters have been set aside by staff as NPCs due to their importance or abilities. You can see the full list of NPCs and Staff NPCs at our Character Directory.

Restricted Concepts

  • Characters (both FCs and OCs) that possess a wide array of powers, which allows them to singlehandedly engage plots or combat as effectively an entire hero team (for example, possessing all enhanced physical traits, flight, elemental control and resistances, and a genius intellect.) While Marvel and DC canon is plentiful with these types of characters, we feel a balance must be struck with those FCs/OCs who only possess a single ability as their powerset (strength, or speed, or manipulation of a single form of energy, etc).
    • In cases like these, we may ask for the FC/OC to remove powers, or take on additional flaws to balance the concept. In the case of FCs, we may even request deviations from established canon to meet this.
    • The average for number of +powers (or combination of +powers and/or resources) for player is around 5-6, with an upper cap of 10 unique +powers and/or resources. When an application goes beyond that number (and especially when they are not balanced with an appropriate number of +power and +resource-based drawbacks), then staff will be inclined to weigh the application with far more scrutiny. There will be more work needed for applications such as these, and reviews may require far more time.
  • Characters with powers that force a universal social response from other characters, such as charm, beauty, manipulation, fear, etc. We prefer the success or failure of these powers to be achieved via how they are framed and written within a specific scene, and upon the recipient's decision how to respond to what is posed to them, rather than legislated as a +power that activates regardless of how it is written.
  • Characters with the ability to copy, steal, or negate the powers of others. A character of this type is more likely to be permitted if there are significant drawbacks to balance out their powers. A character with the ability to copy or negate others trivially, or to replicate the powers of others to a superior degree than the original owner, will more likely fall into the banned category.

Banned Concepts

  • Our game universe is a shared Marvel-DC universe, and includes aspects of other properties which are subsidiaries of the above two and therefore already thematically congruent (e.g. Vertigo, Wildstorm, and the Dakotaverse). Therefore, characters from other publishers such as Top Cow or Dark Horse are generally not permitted, as they introduce diverse universes of their own which are difficult to integrate into a shared Marvel-DC universe.
    • Similarly, there are many indie, crossover, deconstruction, and cult comics (e.g the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Amalgam Comics, etc.) within the superhero genre that do not fit within our shared universe.
    • Please consult with admin if you have a specific idea in mind. There may be exemptions for individual characters which integrate easily, without needing a substantial accompanying mythos that is contradictory to theme (e.g. Hellboy).
  • Characters from non-comic media, or characters clearly heavily inspired by non-comic media. This includes: Anime/manga characters, characters from video games, characters from movies/TV, et cetera. This also includes OCs from 'alternate dimensions' which are obviously an existing property of these types.
  • Characters whose concept or power-set is of a sexual nature, and consequently would lead other players into scenes with sexual content. This can involve more egregious forms of mind control, or pheromone powers, e.g. Daken, Kilgrave, Amora (The Enchantress), Stacy X.
  • Anthropomorphic characters which are not part of DC/Marvel canon and whose concept revolves around their status as a 'furry.'
  • Characters under the age of 18.
  • Real life persons, historical or present.
  • Absolute deities with limitless power, cross-dimensional/elemental beings, or cosmic forces, possessing of world-ending power or absolute knowledge. Characters whom can affect widescale change — positive or negative — or disregard the power-sets of numerous other characters. Examples include Thanos, Galactus, Darkseid, Apocalypse, Trigon, Dormammu, Mephisto, Blackheart, Death, Fantomex, Franklin Richards, Molecule Man, TAO. If you are not sure, please ask staff.
  • Power negation, e.g an ability to cancel the X-gene, on a level that could easily undo the powersets of other characters without any significant personal drawbacks.
  • Characters with absolute power mimicry abilities capable of replicating the abilities of other characters either without any significant personal drawbacks, or to a degree far superior to the original holder of the powers (Hope Summers, Mimic, Copycat).
  • Animal characters, whether sentient or not (there are FC cases of these that are allowed: please discuss with staff before creating).
  • Hive-mind characters that are effectively multiple characters on one bit (Stepford Cuckoos).
  • Support characters whose existence, and consequently, their play, is minimal and functionally dependent on another character, e.g. Alfred, JARVIS, Aunt May.
  • Characters with cross-dimensional abilities (we will only be RPing within one "universe", save for large-scale plots,) and characters with temporal abilities that could allow them to manipulate and affect the established timeline. Time-travelers, themselves (of the "from the future/past and now stranded" variety) are a common trope and welcome.
  • Characters that originate from Alternate Universes which are significantly different from mainstream Marvel or DC canon, e.g Marvel Zombies, Bizarro World, or similar. NOTE: There are many exceptions to this ban, as Marvel/DC/etc. do not lack for alternate universes, and they vary exceptionally in content. Some may work, and others may not. In this situation, please speak to staff before proceeding with a concept.
  • Characters who, due to prevailing or lingering stereotypes at the time of their creation, may perpetuate or seem to condone harmful or offensive values. This includes, but is not limited to, stereotypes about: race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Characters with names including racial slurs, such as the Yellow Claw or Gypsy Moth, will not be approved. As we strive to maintain a balance between the long history of comics and modern sensibilities, please speak to staff if you feel the character you want to play might fall into this category in order to discuss possible re-imaginings that remove his or her more troublesome aspects prior to application.

NPCs and Staff NPCs

Some characters have been set aside for plot use, whether temporarily (as with NPCs) or permanently (Staff NPCs).

For a full explanation of these NPC types, please see our NPC Policy.

You can see the full list of current NPCs and Staff NPCs at our Character Directory.

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