Roleplaying & Consent


Roleplay (RP) is when players design characters, interact, and build a story together. There are several different forms of RP, but they are generally categorized into four larger categories: social RP, combat RP, player-run TinyPlots, and Staff-Run TinyPlots.

When RPing, please be sure that your poses do not contain any assumptions about the reactions or poses of others (commonly called 'Power Posing' or 'Power Gaming'); the lines of OOC communication are kept open throughout the scene, and consent continues; and that the guidelines for combat and plots are followed as they apply.

Additionally, if staff finds that your character portrayal suggests OOC racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, or displays other prejudices beyond the bounds of what is comfortably IC, you may receive a strike or be asked to leave the game.

Finally, remember to be fair. You can't be successful 100% of the time.


Common Descent MUSH is a limited consent game.

There are rare instances where you may lose control over what happens to your character. If you seem to be heading down a road where you may be risking losing consent, staff or a scene-runner will likely make an attempt to warn you. These occurrences should generally be kept to within the scope of an approved plot.

PvP Interactions

This game has certain PvP components to it, where characters can plot the downfall of other characters. Ideally, players communicate well, everyone's on board, and a great time is had by all. Sometimes things go unexpectedly, however, and it gets hard to figure out how hard to lean into ICA=ICC. Staff is very willing to facilitate PvP plots and dynamics. Please remember we're here to help!

Additionally, there may be pieces in play on the game that you might not be aware of, happening behind the scenes! We actively encourage players to IC'ly plot against each other, and staff is here to help if you run into trouble, need a facilitator, or have questions. Remember, IC conflict helps make the story interesting. Just page or +request in-game if you need a hand!

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