Science & Tech

This is a listing of some key scientific and technological resources on Common Descent MUSH. If you don't see something here that you were looking for, please speak to a member of staff to either have it added or clarify whether it already exists.

MK I Sentinel

The MK I Sentinel was a triumph of engineering by Trask Industries, in collaboration with the US government as a response to the rising threat of Magneto and other hostile metahumans. Pitched as a means to counter superpowered criminals, these 20" robot guardians are capable of immediately detecting the X-Gene in persons in their vicinity, and have been modified over time to register other metahumans on their threat list when they observe said metahuman using a nonhuman power.

The Sentinel has been kept largely under wraps when it is used, and as such is mostly unknown to the general population as of yet save as an obscure military weapon being developed "for the good of humankind." The groups who have had the primary exposure to the Sentinel in the past are the X-Men and the Brotherhood, against whom the Sentinels have been used ever since their inception.

Terrigen Crystals

The mysterious substance designated as 'Terrigen' is in very short supply on the planet Earth. There has not yet been contact with Attilan on the Moon, nor the Inhuman population there, and so the world is still taking its first steps in identifying what Terrigen is — and especially, what it can do.

Discovered in a forgotten cache in Nevada several decades ago, the few samples of Terrigen on Earth are held primarily by the US government under a shroud of secrecy. With human science not yet advanced enough, at that time, to decipher the nature of Terrigen, the project was mothballed for many years.

At least one other cache on Earth has been uncovered, and no doubt circulates in far more malignant hands, as in recent years a few terrorist attacks have been carried out using Terrigen as a weapon. The resultant effects, both on mutants and on regular humans, provoked intensive study to resume on the Terrigen Crystals, spearheaded in secret by SHIELD.

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