Common Descent MUSH is a game that revolves around the question: how would a world of humans truly react to discovering the superhuman is all around them?

Mutants, aliens, and metahumans, regarded as rare curiosities or kept as state secrets ever since the Golden Age of Heroism in World War II, suddenly exploded into the public consciousness at the turn of the 21st century. Early in the 2000s, more and more mutants matured into their powers in visible and often terrifying ways, sparking a decade-long period of rising public hysteria fanned, in particular, by the activities of Magneto's Brotherhood.

Public fears reached a head in 2015 after the Chitauri Invasion centered around New York City. This event added fear of aliens and extradimensional threats to the mix, and the sentiment of terror afterwards would eventually culminate in the passage of the Metahuman Registration and Public Safety Act in the state of New York in November 2018. This legislation requires the mandatory registration of non-human beings.

These metahuman registration efforts, the responses characters have to them, and the overall push-pull of fear vs. acceptance of those who are different, are a large part of the theme of our game. The three cities around which things revolve all take a different approach to the issue:

  • New York City - in the state of New York, is the harshest of the three cities, with the state having passed mandatory registration legislation. Various "superhero teams" have either come into compliance, or gone underground in defiance.
  • Gotham - in the state of New Jersey, has no mandatory registration, though there are some movements in that direction. The city is more concerned with vigilantes, and attempting to legislate against extrajudicial activity.
  • Metropolis - in the state of Delaware, is the most liberal place to be if you are a metahuman, with relaxed policies towards the aliens, mutants, and metahumans in their midst.

For additional information more detailed than this general overview, please review our Game Timeline and Politics files in particular!

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