Wiki Guidelines

Below is our wiki use policy. Those who break the rules will get one warning, but afterwards may be banned from the wiki based at the game administration's discretion.

1) Due to players not wishing to reveal their alts, a player may have as many wiki logins as they have characters. If you don't care, however, please minimize the number of usernames.

2) Do not use text verbatim from other websites unless you are the original author. The only exception to this are quotes belonging to feature characters or prominent passages from canon resources, such as quotes from the latest comic.

3) Do not alter other players' pages without permission. The only exception is if another player has revealed an as-yet unrevealed secret about your character on their wiki without your permission. If this happens, you may remove the secret pertaining to your character, but please promptly bring it to staff's attention so we can address it.

4) Players are responsible for maintaining their own pages. If you run into a problem, asking for help is fine. Just don't expect staff to create the whole thing for you.

5) Unless otherwise requested, the default assumption is that it's okay to post all RP logs to the wiki. Try to allow this whenever possible, as it helps players document activity with their characters. If a player requests you not post the log, however, please be understanding. If a log gets posted after your request to leave it off the wiki, please bring it to staff's attention so we can address it.

6) Please do not upload any images that are not linked to a page on the wiki. The links will be deleted if discovered.

7) Please only upload a reasonable number of images to your character page. Anything exceeding ten outside of your relationships section, and staff may ask you to reduce the number of images if the wiki database starts to grow too big.

8) Please do not upload enormous images onto the wiki. When all players resize their images to just large enough to meet their needs (300x400px in most instances, or under 100kB), it can go a long way in controlling the wiki's overall size. Please be considerate and don't max out the file uploads.

Thank you!

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